PDI Round 1 (2016-2017)

Date: 15 September 2016

Judge: Philip Pound


Class: Preliminary
Photographer Title Score
Sarah Schneider Wisdom 20
Chris Brading Sailing into the Sunset 19
Chris Brading Big African Sky 19
Julie Langman Sorting the catch 19
Julie Langman Patagonia walking 19
Geoff Hope On the prowl 18
Julie Langman Cheeky flower seller 18
Sarah Schneider Light 18
Geoff Hope Rodent hunting 17
Madeleine Van Egghen Longboat on the Lancaster Canal 17
Madeleine Van Egghen A touch of the Mediterranean 17
Sarah Schneider Love In The Time Of Cholera 17
Brian Davies Fishing Boats 16
Brian Davies Fishing Floats 16
Chris Brading A Slower Pace of Life 16
Sallyann Collett Beauty and Peace 16
Alvin Kyentu Butterfly feeding 15
Geoff Hope Swoop down 15
Alvin Kyentu Multicultural Wedding 14
Brian Davies London Scene 14
Sallyann Collett Grand Canaria Red 14
Sallyann Collett Lands End Shines 14
Alvin Kyentu Stratford Centre 13
Madeleine Van Egghen Cornish Seascape 13
Class: Advanced
Photographer Title Score
Betty Deshmukh Dog on Beach 20
Czech Conroy LRPS Down the Home Straight 20
Czech Conroy LRPS Alium and Hoverfly 20
Edmund Ault One More Cup of Coffee 20
Paul Whitmarsh Big Sky Small Boat 20
Vera Stevens Triumph 20
Vera Stevens Girl with an earing 20
Czech Conroy LRPS A Lavender-scented Selfie 19
Paul Lehane Shell Seakers 19
Peter Ergis LRPS Tranquil Lake, Active Sky 19
Peter Ergis LRPS Great Wall at Dawn 19
Steve Jones Bicycle 19
Horst Schlewinski advanced photographer 18
Steve Jones The Crisis of Abstraction 18
Betty Deshmukh The Swimmer 17
Bob McCoy AT EASE 17
Edmund Ault Common Darter 17
Paul Lehane ‘No Go’ 17
Peter Ergis LRPS Exploring the Coldest Planet 17
Val Bluck Umbrellas 17
Val Bluck Pont du Gard Aqueduct 17
Paul Lehane Reach for the Sky 16
Val Bluck Brian Jones 16
Vera Stevens Storm Dance 16
Bob McCoy THISTLE 15
Bob McCoy SKY MAN 15
David Mew Aqua 15
David Mew Flower Pot 14
Paul Whitmarsh Abandoned 14
Steve Jones Cityscape 14
Betty Deshmukh Shepherds’ Warning 13
Horst Schlewinski foto finish 13
Paul Whitmarsh End of the Line 13
David Mew The Photographers 12
Edmund Ault Receding Lines 12
Horst Schlewinski health and safty call 11