PDI Round 2 (2015 – 2016)

5 November 2015 Judge: Philip Pound


Photographer Title Mark
Paul Tipping Rock Anemone 20
David Soars The Tackle 20
Horst Schlewinski Dressed to Thrill 20
Horst Schlewinski Do I Have to Go back? 19
Horst Schlewinski The Eagle is Landing 19
Paul Tipping Memories 18
Edmund Ault Reed Warbler 18
Edmund Ault River Darent at Eynsford 17
Murray Fordham Rye Harbour 16
Jeff King The Pollen centre 16
David Soars Path to Nowhere 15
Horst Schlewinski A Sunny Day 15
Jeff King St Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow 15
Edmund Ault Early Morning at East Markham 14
David Soars Sunrise 14
Paul Tipping Waiting for the Show 14
Horst Schlewinski Walking in the Rain 14
Jeff King The Kremlin Skyline, Moscow 13
Horst Schlewinski Long way 13



Photographer Title Mark
Peter Ergis Diwali Greetings 20
Betty Deshmukh Light from Yonder Window 20
Bob McCoy High Heels 20
Paul Lehane In Line for Autumn 20
Paul Whitmarsh Lighting the Way 20
Paul Lehane Smoking Break 20
Paul Lehane A Well-oiled Machine 19
Steve Jones Red, White and Blue 19
Val Bluck Liaison in Room 10 19
Geoff Lewis Fallow Deer Buck (Dama Dama) 19
Vera Stevens Quaglino’s Bar 19
Bob McCoy Keen Hound 19
Czech Conroy A Face to Face Encounter 18
Paul Whitmarsh Fountains on a Rainy Day 18
Steve Jones The Old Garden Tap 18
Peter Ergis West 41st Street 18
Bob McCoy Blue Eyes 17
Geoff Lewis Faller Among the Fallen 17
Vera Stevens Floating on Reflections 17
Peter Ergis Opium Party, Rajasthan 17
Betty Deshmukh Otter 16
Bob McCoy New and Old 16
Czech Conroy Walking on the Glacier 15
Paul Whitmarsh Zen 15
Steve Jones Whaam! 15
Val Bluck Pond Frog 15
Vera Stevens Taking the Rough With the Smooth 15
Bob McCoy The Gaul 15
Betty Deshmukh Dereliction 14
Val Bluck Milkweed Seeds 14
Geoff Lewis Hungerford Canal 14
Bob McCoy Museum Morning 14
Czech Conroy Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead 13