PDI Round 1 (2015 – 2016)

Projected Digital Images – Round 1

Date: 24/09/2015

Judge: Mick White


Edmund Ault Wiggo 20
Edmund Ault London, Night 20
Paul Tipping Hellebores 20
Peter Salmon Working at the Sharp End 19
Edmund Ault Ely Cathedral 19
Paul Tipping Peyto Lake 18
Jeff King Red for danger 17
David Soars Spring in your Step 16
David Mew Huskies 16
David Soars Peering Through 15
Paul Tipping Tlingit Elder 15
Jeff King Floral Pattern 15
David Mew Seals 14
Peter Salmon Daisy’s been bugged 14
Jeff King Friendly Robin 14
Peter Salmon Cowboy Builders Caught on Camera 12
David Mew Graffiti 12
David Soars Hiding 11



Photographer Title Mark
Vera Stevens Dunking Devil 20
Steve Jones Fanatics 20
Paul Lehane The ghosts of trees 20
Paul Lehane Cloudscape 20
Vera Stevens Blank Canvas 20
Greg Gillies Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) 19
Greg Gillies Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea) 19
Lou Humphries The scenic route 18
Geoff Lewis Night Flights 18
Paul Whitmarsh Looking Inwards 18
Peter Ergis Learning Flamenco 18
Betty Deshmukh Boiler Door 18
Paul Whitmarsh Nine to Infinity 18
Vera Stevens Save Brixton Arches 18
Steve Jones Cool Wet Britannia 17
Val Bluck The Winning Hand 17
Czech Conroy Helenium and Hoverfly 17
Lou Humphries Brass band reflection 17
Peter Ergis Village Hospitality 17
Betty Deshmukh Reflections in the Orbit 17
Czech Conroy African Citril 17
Andy Claddingboel Going Up 17
Geoff Lewis Walking on Air 17
Czech Conroy Sea Garden 16
Steve Jones Street Football 16
Val Bluck Parliament Building, Budapest 16
Greg Gillies Banburgh Castle 16
Andy Claddingboel A leaping mascot 16
Peter Ergis Keeping Warm 16
Andy Claddingboel Nice view 16
Lou Humphries work in progress 15
Paul Lehane The manor house window 15
Geoff Lewis Doors Galore 15
Paul Whitmarsh Hustle and Bustle at the Natural History Museum 15
Val Bluck Damselfly 14
Betty Deshmukh At the Gallery 14