Colour Prints Round 2 (2014-2015)

DATE:- originally judged on 6.11.14   JUDGE :- Paul Adams ARPS DPAGB


Reflections at Chelsea Bridge Paul Tipping 20
Roof Repairs in the Faroes Paul Tipping 20
In the Pits, Brands Hatch John Hackett 18
Red Arrows Flypast David Wild 17
Harris Hawk Caracara Looking for Prey David Wild 17
Prickly Monkey Puzzle Margaret Burstow 17
Eagle Eye Janet Wayman 17
Rambling Hills Janet Wayman 16
Lone Poppy John Hackett 16
By Any Other Name Janet Wayman 16
Florence Paul Tipping 15
Mute Swan Stepen Hitchon 16
Der Molodziezy going through the Thames Barrier David Wild 15
Hays Galleria John Hackett 14


Incoming Lou Humphreys 20
Black Grouse Strutting His Stuff at Lek Czech Conroy 19
Industrial Heights Lou Humphreys 18
Kori Bustard, Ethiopia Czech Conroy 18
Funnel Vision Peter Salmon 18
Peering at Portsmouth Peter Salmon 17
Romance of Steam Jeff King 17
The Bearded Vulture Surveys its Kingdom Czech Conroy 17
Rothschilds’ Water Fountain, Waddington Manor Jeff King 17
Dexter Lou Humphreys 17
Tears of Passion (Passion Flower) Jane Upcott 16
Dressage Training, Royal Spanish Riding School, Cordoba Jeff King 16
The Bee in my Bathroom Jane Upcott 16
Bow Wave Peter Salmon 15


Red Squirrel Bob Coggon 20
A Last Chance Peter Ergis 20
Tricycle Taxi Steve Jones 20
Through the Pub Window Vera Stevens 19
Having a Cat Nap Greg Gillies 19
Time to Dry Off Greg Gillies 18
The Lookout Steve Jones 18
Ready to Receive Serve Val Bluck 18
Immobile Steve Jones 18
Birdwatching Greg Gillies 18
Autumn by the Stream Betty Deshmukh 17
If Only Val Bluck 17
Floral Display Laurie Scott 17
Ganga Aarti Festival, Varanasi Peter Ergis 17
Waiting Val Bluck 17
Morning Sunlight Vera Stevens 17
Tightly Curled Paul Lehane 16
Mystic Wood Peter Ergis 16
Wedding Guests, Borough Market Vera Stevens 16
Just the Two of Us Paul Whitmarsh 16
Bluebell Betty Deshmukh 16
The Seagull’s Beady Eye… Paul Lehane 16
A lakeside Stroll Laurie Scott 16
After the Rain Paul Whitmarsh 15
Tables Bob Coggon 15
A Walk in the Park Laurie Scott 15
Water Lilies Betty Deshmukh 15
Not a Care in the World Paul Whitmarsh 15
Peony Bob Coggon 15
10 X 12 Paul Lehane 14