Monochrome Prints (2013 – 2014) Round 1

Bromley  Camera Club                          Judge David Wood  
Mono  Prints    Round 1                24 October 2013
Class Preliminary
David   Wild North Stack lighthouse Anglesey 20
John Hackett London skyline 19
John Hackett Waiting in the pits Brands Hatch 18
Michael Bob First one home 17
Michael  Bob Carman 17
John Hackett Waiting to be judged 16
David  Wild Tulip staircase Queens house Greenwich 15
David   Wild Wreck on the beach 14
Class  Intermediate
Vera Stevens Canterbury cloister on a freezing snowy day 20
Peter Salmon Vacant Villas 19
Vera Stevens Side street 18
Paul Lehane Formula 1 next 16
Peter Salmon Spooky 15
Jeff King The bridge to St Pauls 14
Peter Salmon Bad day at the barrier 14
Peter Lehane Stairway to Heaven 13
Paul lehane Industrial heritage-battersea 13
Vera Stevens Lunch time at Camden market 12
Jeff King Rock art 12
Jane Upcott Safe and Sound 11
Jane Upcott Is it a mushroom or a toadstool 11
Jane upcott A rainy day in the greenhouse 11
Jeff King A view from the Shard 10
Class Advanced
Peter Ergis Village Craftswoman 20
Betty Deshmukn The Hull 19
David Pollard Market porter Old Delhi 19
Peter Ergis Sailing 18
Betty Deshmukn The Warden 17
David Pollard New Deli railway station 16
Steve Jones Heartthbrob 15
Paul Whitmarsh Stair in the square 15
Charles Edmondson Thinking of my father 14
David Pollard Calcutta Pavement 14
Charles Edmondson Empty Moorings 14
Margret Mc Nicoll Make your mind up 14
Paul Whitmarsh Shooting the D J s 14
Margret Mc Nicoll The Old Apothecary Shop 13
Betty Deshmukn Natural Patterns 12
Paul Whitmarsh The donation 12
Steve Jones Untitled  2 12
Steve Jones Untitled 1 11
Peter Ergis All board 11
Charles Edmondson Landing craft Penryn 10