Colour Prints (2013-2014) Round 2

JUDGE: Mick White
7th November 2013
Class: Preliminary
Chris Harker The Mayor’s Office Panorama 20
Chris Harker Trick or Treat 20
Michael Bob St John’s Quadrature 19
Czech Conroy Thames Evening View 19
Chris Harker South Bank 18
David Wild Just a Note 16
John Hackett Tobias and Friend, Kelsey Park 16
Lou Humphries Scarlet 14
Czech Conroy Alum Bay. Isle of Wight 14
Czech Conroy Autumn Fungus 13
David Wild Find the Bee 13
Michael Bob Cockermouth Harbour 12
John Hackett To Posh to Walk 12
David Wild The Music is Great 12
John Hackett Take Off, London City Airport 12
Lou Humphries Soaring 12
Lou Humphries Into the Blue 10
Class: Intermediate
Paul Lehane Facing up to a Negative 20
Jane Upcott Red Veg 19
Paul Lehane X-ray Vision 18
Vera Stevens Heat of the Moment 18
Peter Salmon The Red Fence 17
Vera Stevens Resting Place 17
Paul Lehane Rx31,Rx435 at Dungeness 17
Jane Upcott Autumn Colour 16
Jeff King Johnny Depp Lookalike, Hastings 16
Jeff King Hiding in the Ferns, Knowle Park 16
Peter Salmon The Right Direction 15
Vera Stevens Colours Above 15
Jane Upcott The Tranquil Path 13
Peter Salmon The Secret Garden, Sandwich 13
Jeff King Ripples in the Sand, Morocco 12
Class: Advanced
Charles Hambleton Early Morning Anchorage 20
Peter Ergis LRPS Meditation 20
Margaret McNicoll London Blues 20
Peter Ergis LRPS Bagan Dawn 19
Peter Ergis LRPS Breaktime Study 18
Charles Hambleton Beachcombing 18
Stephen Carter Cheeky 17
Laurie Scott ARPS DPAGB Pastels 17
Betty Deshmukh LRPS Leaning to the Right 17
Steve Jones ARPS Lift Off 17
Bob Coggon Hastings 17
Laurie Scott ARPS DPAGB Feet Up 16
Charles Hambleton Umbrella Day 16
Steve Jones ARPS Field Patterns with Balloons 15
Laurie Scott ARPS DPAGB Colourful Pot 15
Val Bluck Ice Sculpture 15
Steve Jones ARPS Beach Fun 15
Bob Coggon Affordable Housing 14
Betty Deshmukh LRPS Checking my Messages 14
Margaret McNicoll Early Morning Tide 14
Margaret McNicoll Evening on the River 14
Stephen Carter Rusted Hinge 14
Betty Deshmukh LRPS Autumn Colours 14
Bob Coggon The Meeting Place 14
Val Bluck Crazy Horse 13
Stephen Carter Le Drapour Tricalore 13
Val Bluck Just for the Tourists 13